Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothing Else Matters

Okay so I just stumbled accross this violinist from Germany. His name is David Garrett and he is absolutely amazing. Apparently he holds the record for fastest violinist in the world. And he's hott...! That's just a side note to his music, however. I will be downloading his music from itunes, this evening. Germany in the house!!! Oh, I was born there, lol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is a super cute outfit I just put together online which also needs to be in my closet immediately. The shoes and eyeglasses are none else than Yves Saint Laurent (love). The Blazer is by Helmut Lang (love). The Clutch is Carlos Falchi (love). The blouse is McQ Alexander McQueen (love). Four of my favorite designers...I need this outfit. I'll be shopping for it this weekend.

Univeristy of Washington

It's Official! Starting in the Spring I will be one year away from completing something that has seemed impossible. I will be attending the University of Washington, pursuing a degree in Finance. One year...and then I'm done! It's taken so much that I can't even visualize it happening anymore.

Artwork for my Apartment

I need this YSL store sign for my wall - So beautiful. It would need to be huge, wall size. I would want my apartment to be super artistic, like an art gallery. This would be my starting piece. I would also have amazing photographs of places I've traveled - Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Hong Kong (I haven't been to any of those places yet, but I'm working on it).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Louvre: Blanc et Noir

I want to go to Paris so badly. It's insane at this point. Everytime I think of the cost, however, and how I'm going to be finishing school starting in the fall, it seems impossible. I will already be barely affording university...but everytime I see a picture like this one, I can't help my wanting to try. The last time I looked, I was looking at around $1300. The other problem is that I really dont want to go alone. Who would? What a life it would be-I really want to find someone special-that is my major objective for the year. Find someone special.

At The End

So I went to see the Lion King last night which was absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to be that person, you know, who goes to the theatre in the middle of the week with good friends and then dinner after. To be able to do things like that…to have that freedom. Fortunately for me, a pair of $70 tickets feel into my lap, I don’t even know what to say about it. We were four rows back - it was amazing. In a lot of ways it gave me some perspective: I really want to get my life started. I want to get out there, meet people, do interesting things, go interesting places. In a lot of ways I’m really sad that things aren’t exactly working out for me, here in Seattle. On the one hand, I really want to be successful here. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but it’s true. Then, on the other hand, I’m seriously unconvinced that I was ever supposed to be here to begin with. It’s interesting how things happen. One decision can either make or break your life.

After going to Vancouver, British Columbia, last weekend, I decided that maybe living there could be kind of cool. The culture there is really young, which would be a welcome change. And the other thing is that it’s far enough away where I could really do things my way, without anyone’s interference. I could make my own decisions. For anyone who doesn’t know, my parents, more specifically my mother, is still extremely influential in my life. I hate confrontation, and because of that I avoid doing anything she doesn’t want me to do. It’s annoying, but for right now, necessary. Because of everything we’ve all been through together, I feel like I owe her at least that – the respect, even though she abuses it.