Monday, September 6, 2010

Dior Homme by Guy Ritchie Feat. Jude Law

Best fashion commercial ever.  Like, by far!

Fand Di Fendi Commercial

Anja Rubik for Purple Magazine

anjapurp3 anjapurp1 anjapurp2

I love her!


I’m in Love…I’m in Love!


I have always been known as a big city girl – a reputation that I take full ownership of.  I love big cities.  The more overwhelming, the better.  I love the sense of power I get from being surrounded by skyscrapers and high rises.  It fuels my belief of anything being possible.  Anything is achievable.

Yet the truth is, the beach is what makes my heart race.  I love it.  I remember being a kid and just running around the beach each Shabbat with my brother.  That’s the stuff my dreams are made of.

I’d give anything to be there right now.

French Vogue - Kate Dans La Peau – Sept 2010

kate4 kate1 kate2 kate3 kate6 kate5

I am DYING for a pair of genuine leather cigarettes.  This editorial reinforces that ideal.  Love, love, love!


Corrine Bailey Rae - Closer

I’m in a sexy kind of a mood.  What can I say?  The rain tends to do that to me, and right now it’s pouring in Seattle.  Makes me want to get closer…this is an amazing song by an amazing artist.  Check it out!

“…I want to get close to you, baby…”

Friday, September 3, 2010

Way Too Cool For Words.

I'm kind of obsessed with N.E.R.D. right now. Clearly.