Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Un Coucher du Soliel Tranquille

Steilacoom, Washington. Mar 31, 2009.
I thought the lighting was amazing...had to photograph.

Christina Milian - Us Against The World Preview

Down But Not Out

Christina Milian is giving the music world another go...I really want her to succeed. She's super sweet and I feel like she really hasn't been given a fair chance. I love her new single, love her new look, and absolutely love her new music video (will post...it's super beautiful). The second I heard this song, about a month and half ago or so, I immediately went to itunes to download it. Best of luck to you, Christina.

Monday, March 30, 2009

San Diego, California

So, it's very possible that I will be relocating to Southern California for work. Originally I was upset, because I didn't want to move anywhere until I've finished my degree - which isn't going to be happening for another year. But the more I've been thinking about it, trying to make peace with the idea, the more I'm starting to like the idea. San Diego is a really big city, which is a pre-requisite, and it also has a thriving financial district, which would also be good for when I finish up my education. So maybe this will be a good thing...I hope so. If it happens, that is.

One For My Baby...

...and one more for the road (Frank Sinatra).

So this is my newest obsession, the Jaguar XKR. It's muscular, it's bold, and it's very sexy. Very much on the agressive side, which is very much my style. This is a perfect car for driving up and down the California coastline...LA, Monterey, San Francisco. Yeah, California might be a go.

Kanye West & Amber Rose - NY Fashion Week

I really like her look here. She would be cool if she would just tone it down a few notches. You can be super chic and edgy without looking like a hooker (no offense Amber). I would really love to style her. Slowly but surely...she's starting to grow on me.

New Years 2010 - Hong Kong

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Natalia Vodianova Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott (Pirelli)

Jennifer Lopez Photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott (POP)

Balmain - Ambre Gris

Okay, so I don't think it's any secret that Balmain is my favorite design house right now. If I were rich, I would go to the showroom right now and buy the entire collection for both Spring and Fall.

Zoom Zoom

Anja Rubik in Balmain

Another Rainy Morning in Washington

Tacoma Waterfront, Saturday Mar 28th.

Your Sandles...

Person #1: You should stay away from these sandles, for real though.
Person #2: Why? You know I can't smell that good.
Person #1: No, for real, they smell like straight chips...strong though.
Person #2: Strong like...a frito got stuck in your nostril?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Audrina Patridge in Sydney, Australia - LOVE

Audrina, who is the spokesmodel for a new line of jeans called "Divine Rights of Denim (that I must have) has inspired me to start working out. She is so amazing, I love that she's super sweet and approachable. So, starting tonight, I will be working out...going running. Fit fo the summer!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Christian Dior Haute Couture - Spring 2006

This is by John Galleano for Christian Dior - Spring 2006. It looks even better in the video, which I'll post if I find. It's aggressive, it's intense, it's Galleano.

You Can Make A Wish, Or You Can Make It Happen

Christina Milian - Us Against The World

Us Against The World - Christina Milian

Kanye West

Kanye West is an absolute genius. I love him to death. I was listening to his 808's & Heartbreak album today and I was just moved and amazed...I've listened to it before, and loved it, but today it was just exactly what I needed. He is a continuous inspiration to me. I love him.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stella McCartney

This is one of Stella McCartney's older ads (I believe it's S/S 2008) but I absolutely love it. Her ads are always so creative and different - while still being completely feminine. I'm not really a big fan of feminity - I don't have a frilly personality - but I really love her clothes. She does feminine in a very focused, very sharp way - which is why I love it. It's controlled.

Details: April 2009 : Alex Rodriguez

I used to think Alex was the hottest man alive...when I was 12. Since then my taste in men has changed - I like them a little more intellectual and a little less buff - but looking at this picture definately takes me back to the old days. What a lovely human being.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

La Fluer (Tentative)

I really want to own an art gallery. It would be called "Le Fleur" or something like that...I'm not sure. But here is my idea - and please no one with more money than me who can make it happen sooner because of said fact steal my idea: It would be on the top floor of a Vancouver (potentially- maybe Toronto or Seattle) high rise/skyscraper and would feature mainly 20th/21st century contemporary art including but not limited to: Sculpture, Paintings and Cinematography (more on this later). The gallery would be dimly lit, but would feature lights made to illuminate the just the work alone - not the entire space. And there would be tons of floor to ceiling windows. But back to the art - I would have, naturally, rotating exhibits featuring both emerging and established artists from around the world; Paris, Belgium, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Budapest, Prague, Belfast, Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, Barcelona, Capetown, Lima, Buenos Aires, you name it. There are so many incredible and talented artists everywhere whose work never see the light of day.
But anyway, although the gallery would be the main focus of this space, there would also be a rooftop cafe/resturant/ bar (seeing as it's on the top floor of a highrise) that would specialize in coffee/food/drinks from around the world. We would have coffee's imported from Zurich and Istanbul, from everywhere. Gourmet food cooked in a very modern way, but representative of cuisine favored all over the world. The cafe would be during the day, with the resturant/bar for the evening. And although I don't drink, I already know that Pinot Noir, Gris, Blanc and Griggio would be our specialties. I think that if your going to drink anything and still look intellegent, classic and sexy, it should be from the Pinot family. And we could have really amazing wine glasses made, to add to our signiture look.
The overall colors of the gallery would be black, obviously, but like, deep dark reds, beiges, caramels, maybe navy blue rose boquets, velvet furniture, chandaliers...I need to stop now and sketch all this out.
Dress code strictly enforced, lol.

Dasha Zhukova in Balmain

The Balmain Jacket featuring the "T" silhouette...This is going to be the look of the season. Dasha Zhukova, who is the new Editor-in-Chief of Pop Magazine, I feel, rocks the look perfectly. She is pristine.

Vogue Paris - April 2009

This is the best cover Carine Roitfeld has put out in a while. I usually love Vogue Paris, it's "the standard" to me, but lately it has been less than desireable. This is very much a step in the right direction.

These Too..

Tom Ford Eyeglasses

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I need these...

San Francisco

These pictures are from a recent trip to San Francisco. I love it there. I would totally live there if it weren't so expensive. It's almost as expensive to live there as New York. I'm supposed to go back in another month, but we'll see how that goes. With all the school expenses it's going to be kind of hard to get around this summer...but I'm hopeful. Really want to go back home, hang with the family, be with the people I know.
In alot of ways I'm kind of reluctant to move back to California. It almost feels like I'm taking a step back. It doesn't feel progressive. But sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is a beautiful city. It really is. I love going there...I go for absolutely no reason at all. But I'm starting to feel like it isn't enough anymore. That feeling I used to get from just seeing the high rises...I don't get anymore. It really is time to move on.

Love This Look...Miroslava Duma

Friday, March 20, 2009

French Vogue Featuring Carmen Kass: Noir Complet (Complete Black)

Natasha Goldenberg & Miroslava Duma

Okay, so here this girl is again, looking absolutely amazing...yet again. I would absolutely wear this: I love it! Apparently she if the BFF of Miroslava Duma (R), the Russian heiress and correspondent for Russian Harpers Bazaar. I kind of stumbled across Mira while looking at a thread for Dasha Zhukova, another Russian socialite, whom I also love, and then from Mira's thread, I came accross her BFF, whose style I am in love with.

GQ Man of the Year

I wish there were more men like this out there...he's so classy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


OMG! The girl on the right is dressed incredibly. I swear, Russian women really have that glamour thing down. I want that jacket and bag...so amazing! I have never seen an outfit and had instant envy...but this one...man! I am so stunned by this look...I would have paired the blazer with a pair of leggings, but thats me. I've loved leggings since 2002, way before that look became a trend. But anyway, love the blazer, love the bag, I even love the hair. J'adore.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Valentino, Spring/Summer 2009

I love these ads. It's a shame they decided to fire the designer. I really liked her clothing. The house of Valentino is definately going to fall if they dont find a capable designer soon. And not only that, they need to give the designer they choose enough time to develope some type of momentum.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

These pictures are from a recent trip a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE Vancouver. I can't remember the name of the beach I took these at, but there are beaches everywhere. I remember while I was taking these pictures there was this elderly couple taking a walk and they smiled at me. It was touching to see that. I swear, older people must look at our and our parent's generation with disdane. It seems like we can't hold a marriage/relationship together to save our own lives.