Friday, October 30, 2009

As The Winter Season Approaches...

I've definately started to feel the chill here in Seattle. It's getting colder and colder with every passing day. More and more I'm finding myself browsing through the Barnes & Nobel's Downtown, in search of a new book to curl up with, or tucked away in one of the many Starbucks that plague our a good way. A God given way, even. My Friday and Saturday nights are dedicated to this activity. The rain, the snow, the coffee. These are a few of the things I've grown to love about this city.

Normally Winter is my absolute favorite season...but this year I know it's going to be bitter. The one thought that has been resounding in my mind..."I just wish things were different". It's inescapable. The absense of you haunts me like you could never imagine. Nothing is the same.
The streets seem to mirror the emptiness I feel within. The sounds of this city are nullified yet the rain pours with an intensity I find hard to believe.
For the first time in all of my time here, I feel at home inside this city. I recognize it's emotions are the same as my own. Empty, haunted, passionate, and wild.

A la termina de la dia, te extrano. Mucho.

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