Thursday, February 11, 2010

For My One, My Only. For My Alex.

As you all may know by now, Alexander McQueen is no longer with us. I cannot even begin to wrap my head, much less my heart, around this. It breaks my heart to know that he never fully understand the depth of the contribution he made to this world, both to Fashion, and to the world in general. It is impossible to even attempt to foresee the landscape of fashion, now that he is gone. It will never look the same again. I am essentially heartbroken.

From my Facebook:

One of McQueens greatest shows: This is the finale from his F/W 06.07 Collection, and was just after the huge Kate Moss scandel involving herself and cocaine. While other Designer greats such as Chanel abondoned her, Alexander McQueen stuck by her, and this was his silent manifesto on loyalty and frendship. With thi...s hologram, in and of itself a testiment to the depth of his creative genius, he said something that is so simple, yet so completely overlooked by most: When you love someone, you just do. If you are a friend to someone, you just are. It isn't an optional thing. You stick by them because you have to - because it is important to the person that you are - it's important to the wellbeing of your heart. If you are only around when it's convienient, then it isn't friendship, and it isn't love. Yet that was Alex. He felt things entirely too deeply, but it served as a beauty mark on his soul that he wasn't ashamed of. Instead he chose to channel it wholeheartedly into his work, and through the years, with each breathtaking collection, he captured more and more of my own, and in so many ways felt like some kind of distant friend, so this loss has definitely touched me. Art will do that to you - especially when it is expressed to the magnitude and emotional extent that his was. He was truly the greatest designer of our generation, and this is a void that will remain vacant for years to come, because there is no one even close to the person that he was, the sentiments he held, and the art he created. Lee "Alex" McQueen, you have inspired me beyond words. I will always attempt to look closer, to dig deeper, to feel more passionately and to offer stronger expressions of the world as filtered through my eyes. Je m'ennuie déjà vous comme l'enfer. J'taime et J'adore.

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