Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ry and Ri.


I absolutely love this picture of Ryan and RiRi.  The next time I go into Gene Juarez, which should have been yesterday (I am in very bad need of a color and blow out, but more about that in a later post) and tell them to style the front of my hair like Ri’s.  I LOVE her bangs.  I’m letting mine grow out so I’m not quite sure how this is all going to work out…but anyway, Rihanna is just amazing.  Couldn’t you see she and Ry being BFF’s?



  1. Love you Ri ri, thats her favourite pose though she needs a new one!

  2. Rihanna looks fierce as always

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  3. Love how she's able to rock the pleather without losing any ferocity :-)

  4. Ririh rocks! I was getting a little annoyed with seeing her everywhere, but I'm back on board! Luv you, RiRih