Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I’m Loving Right Now #2: Runaway by Kanye West

Everyone knows I love Kanye West.  From his music to his style, his strengths and his failures, I definitely think he’s someone to pay attention to, especially when he’s at his best.  We all make mistakes, he’s no exception.  But he’s taken responsibility for his actions and who am I to judge?

I swear I watched this mini-film a good 10x in a row.  I think it’s brilliant:

“You’re my devil, You’re my angel.

  You’re my heaven, You’re my hell.

  You’re my now, You’re my forever.

  You’re my freedom, You’re my jail.

  You’re my lies, You’re my truth.

  You’re my war, You’re my truce.

  You’re my questions, You’re my proof.

  You’re my stress and You’re my masseuse.

  Lost in this plastic life. 

  Let’s break out of this fake-ass party,

  Turn this into a classic night.

  If we die in each other’s arms,

  Still get laid in the afterlife.”

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