Friday, May 1, 2009

Kate Lanphere - Style Director, US ELLE

So I have been a fan of Kate's for a while - she has the most amazing style. It's almost Parisian goth - it's definately not American. But I really love the way she puts it all together.
I really wish, however, she would infuse some life into US ELLE. My first issue of ELLE was from October of 2002 - I bought every issue between then and about June of 2008. I feel like it's just gotten so bad. It's going through an identity crisis. Before (in the good ol days, lol) it was all about women - in every sense of the word. It was about being sophisticated, intellegent, well-heeled and well-traveled. There was a sensuality to it, that I have yet to see in another magazine. That was the ELLE I loved. That is the ELLE I miss.

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