Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elegy - Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz

This is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. I advise everyone to see it. It made me fall in love with filmmaking again. Ben and Penelope are brilliant in this film - absolutely. The movie is actually based on a book by one of my favorite writers: Phillip Roth - "The Dying Animal". After I finished the movie I immediately went to Borders Books and bought "The Human Stain", another of his books. Really, if you love literary art, which I do, buy one of his books and read it. You will not be dissipointed. His work is utterly inspiring - it made me want to pick up the pen again, something I haven't done in at least a year or so.


  1. I just watched this movie last night and loved it also.

  2. it touched my heart...and the music...wow!