Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year! This year is going to be amazing, I can feel it. I wish everyone nothing but the best in this new year, and I hope we all walk away from it feeling better than we did before. My NYR is simply to grow as an individual and to grow stronger relationships with those I can't live without.

Last week, on the 29th, I almost lost my best friend, Henry. Henry is the sweetest, most awsome cat ever! At the age of 3, he had a stroke, and my entire world fell apart. Upon arrival at the vet ER, they took him from me and put him straight into an oxygen tank. The doctors told me repeatedly that he wasn't going to pull through and that I needed to put him down. You can probably imagine my absolute heartbreak. There were no warning signs - but I do remember a strange look in his eyes when I came home from vacation on the 26th. He was trying to tell me then that he wasn't feeling well...but nothing could have prepared me for this.

When Henry had the stroke, a blod clot shot into his right front paw, cutting off circulation, making the paw cold. A second blod clot shot into his brain causing brain trauma. I was devestated. The blod clot shot into the portion of his brain which controlled his sense of direction, and so Henry was contorting his body in all these extreme ways, trying to right himself, but only making himself worse. His eyes were open but he wasn't seeing. He was dying.

I kept thinking to myself "I know what I have to do, but I can't bare to say goodbye." I just couldn't do it. I didn't want to give up on him, and later, after hours and hours of crying, it dawned on me that I was waiting on a miracle...and boy did I receive one.

I decided to give him a night - to at least give him a chance. The next morning at about 5:30, I went in to see if he'd made any progress at all...all I wanted was a slight improvement, some sort of reason to keep the treatment going against the advice of the vets. When I saw him, and he SAW me, he stood up, gave me a meow, and I felt like crying. I couldn't believe it. Because the brain damage had occured on the right side of his brain, he was unable to get off of his left side. He was only able to lay there on his left, with his head tucked under his body in the most extreme way. So to see him see me, and then try his hardest to stand, it was amazing. When the vet saw that, she was shocked. She looked at me, and I didn't know what to say. It was only for a few moments, but it was enough. Treatment continued, and I am happy to say that as of Jan. 1st, 2010, Henry is resting comfortably at home, with only a slight head tilt, which I am hoping goes away with time. He has all of his personality back as well as his appitite.

I said all that to say this; In 2010, I mst definitely believe in MIRACLES.

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