Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Anticipation of Spring...

I cannot WAIT for spring to hit. I anticipate doing alot of travel - Vancouver and NYC respectively. I am also anticipating my official move to Seattle. I have been looking at places - alot of places, lol - and I am settled on two buildings, both new. Anyway, my dream has been to have a perfume bar in my new pad, and these scents are a few I really want to add to my collection (I'm obsessed with perfume - I get it from my mother - elegant).

#1) CHANEL No. 5 Eau Premiere

Okay, I was downtown Seattle last Saturday and a woman at Nordstrom pretty much bumrushed me with a sample of this perfume...My reaction went from surprised to scared to annoyed to grateful! This perfume smells AMAZING!

#2: Trish McEvoy Sexy #9

Okay, for whatever reason I am loving numbered scents right now...I am in love with the simplicity of the idea. Okay, get ready for what I am about to say. If you haven't already smelled this perfume, get into your car immediately and drive to the closest Nordstroms. Someone got me stuck on this scent - I have been thinking about it non-stop since the moment I first smelled it - It was love at first sniff, lol.

#3: John Paul Gaultier Classique

This ones for you Andrew: My brother, being the chic fashion boy that he is ( I did well, lol) loves the JPG perfume series. He is always talking about them, when we are discussing perfume/cologne. He is going to make some girl exceptionally happy one day - he is beyond male supermodel material. Love him to absolute pieces. This will be my next purchase after Sexy #9.

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