Sunday, March 22, 2009

La Fluer (Tentative)

I really want to own an art gallery. It would be called "Le Fleur" or something like that...I'm not sure. But here is my idea - and please no one with more money than me who can make it happen sooner because of said fact steal my idea: It would be on the top floor of a Vancouver (potentially- maybe Toronto or Seattle) high rise/skyscraper and would feature mainly 20th/21st century contemporary art including but not limited to: Sculpture, Paintings and Cinematography (more on this later). The gallery would be dimly lit, but would feature lights made to illuminate the just the work alone - not the entire space. And there would be tons of floor to ceiling windows. But back to the art - I would have, naturally, rotating exhibits featuring both emerging and established artists from around the world; Paris, Belgium, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Budapest, Prague, Belfast, Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome, Barcelona, Capetown, Lima, Buenos Aires, you name it. There are so many incredible and talented artists everywhere whose work never see the light of day.
But anyway, although the gallery would be the main focus of this space, there would also be a rooftop cafe/resturant/ bar (seeing as it's on the top floor of a highrise) that would specialize in coffee/food/drinks from around the world. We would have coffee's imported from Zurich and Istanbul, from everywhere. Gourmet food cooked in a very modern way, but representative of cuisine favored all over the world. The cafe would be during the day, with the resturant/bar for the evening. And although I don't drink, I already know that Pinot Noir, Gris, Blanc and Griggio would be our specialties. I think that if your going to drink anything and still look intellegent, classic and sexy, it should be from the Pinot family. And we could have really amazing wine glasses made, to add to our signiture look.
The overall colors of the gallery would be black, obviously, but like, deep dark reds, beiges, caramels, maybe navy blue rose boquets, velvet furniture, chandaliers...I need to stop now and sketch all this out.
Dress code strictly enforced, lol.

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