Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keri Hilson Does NYC Fashion Week

You know, I am not normally a huge fan of hip-hop and R&B artists, but this year I feel like they have really been killing it. I'm normally all about the Dasha's, Mischa's and Victorias (Zhukova, Barton and Beckham) of the world. I am espessially a fan of Russian-chic...Russian women do it like no other, in my humble opinion. But this year, for whatever reason, I have been profiling alot of urban artists instead (Amber, Rihanna and Cassie). They have stepped their game up in such a major way that it's hard to ignore...which makes me proud (afro-latina!!!). Currently I am all about Keri Hilson...she looked amazing at MBFW. Let's keep it going...!

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