Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rihanna and Jay-Z at MSG - Historic

Last night's 9/11 benefit concert by Jay-Z was historic. One of the most important aspects of this show was the highlight it placed on members of the hip-hop community who actually trying to do something positive. Too often hip-hop is misconstrued as 100% negitive: guns, sex, disinformation and unintellegence. These aspects of hip-hop are indeed present, and it's unfortunate. But there are other members who actively seek to make a change, who understand that knowledge is power, and encourage those around them to persue education in a shape or form which is interesting and relateive to that particular individual. Hip hop is a means to an end for many, and during last night's concert by Jay-Z, I couldn't be more proud of the progression we have made as a whole towards a better tomorrow. Bill O'Riley fall back, Hip-Hop stand up!

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