Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana - The Anthology

I absolutely adore Dominico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana. I feel like they owe it to the female population to continue doing what they do, which is making women all over the world feel extremely glamourous, sexy, desired, and loved.
I was out shopping with my mom this afternoon, and came across their new Anthology collection, and feel inlove, completely. Each scent is distinct and defined, and beautiful. I want each and every one of the female scents. I have also decided that my perfect man would be posession of the male fragrances. When I first saw the ad for this collection a few months ago, I didn't really know what to expect from the individual scents. Quite honestly, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, initially. It wasn't until I smelled the scents in person - the samples in the ads do nothing for them - that I understood, and in turned loved, the genius of this collection. Needless to say, I invested a beautiful chunk of change on my first of the five, #18, La Lune. But I need them all, so I am barely satisfied. I feel remarkably attractive while wearing's amazing.

From left to Right:
Le Bateleur (#1)
The Personality: The Seducer. Provacative and playful - ragingly passionate, yet inevitably cool - this is a man who gets what he wants. Dominant and distinctive, resolutely direct, Le Bateleur is an accomplished Mediterranean seducer.
L'Imperatrice (#3)
The Personality: The Star. Flamboyant and energetic, for L'Imperatrice life is a movie and she is its heroine. All heads turn when she enters a room. Vibrant, magnetic she exudes charisma and force of character.
L'Amoureux (#6)
The Personality: The Charmer. An incurable romantic in posession of an inherent nobility, dashing L'Amoureux melts the most cynical of hearts. Desired by all he meets, this charmer is all about intensity.
La Roue De La Fortune (#10)
The Personality: The Player. Adventurous and creative - the epitome of surprise - La Roue De La Fortune is governed by the roll of the dice. It's wearers are intrepid, experimental, players of life's game.
La Lune (#18)
The Personality: The Dreamer. La Lune is a perfect enigma: fresh yet sensual, dazzling yet forever retaining her secrets. She enthralls everyone she encounters with her radiant and ethereal beauty.
Trust me, go buy one for yourself, and one for your loved one. It changes things. Verrrrry Sexy.

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