Monday, July 27, 2009

For the Addict in You...

I cannot wait until SATC 2 is released. Fashion seems so boring now as compared to two three years ago when the show was on the air. Now it seems everyone is back to "LA Chic" and I have nothing against L.A. I'm from California, actually, so it hurts me to have to admit that. (I actually need to state for the record that I'm from California, but Paris is my hometown, lol.) I am just so bored by the lack of effort by everyone. Celebrities even dress down to premieres now. And EVERYONE is dressed by a stylist. It's all just so depressing...Where is the individuality? The innovation? The excitement? I am only 25 and I'm longing for the good ol' years...this is just sad. SJP Forever!!!!

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