Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Valentino Haute Couture Auturm/Winter 09.10

I am so inlove. So corporate Valentino fired the previous designer, whom I love, not only because she is an excellent designer, but because my guy, Tom Ford personally picked her to continue designing for Gucci after his own demise (and they should have kept here...look at the mess they've made of Gucci now), I didn't think Valentino would ever be the same. But surprisingly enough, I actually like what the new desginers have put out. Sure it is a little McQueen, 2006 (I believe), and maybe even a little Viktor & Rolf, back in , I want to say 2005-ish, but that's actually okay because those were brilliant collections. I feel like this was an extremely strong collection for Valentino, and they better not fire these two. I would love to see Theron in the dress above. She's such a swan.

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